Engineering competencies

In-house R&D department

Supplementing its ongoing production in its weaving shop, SR Webatex also makes every effort to take an active part in the research and development of technical innovations. For this reason, we maintain an in-house R&D department. Staff in this unit are qualified textile engineers and technicians who can draw on a wealth of subject-specific product know-how. From our close collaboration as a business partner with leading textile research institutes, synergies are created that provide continuous input into the manufacture of existing and new products.

The modular system deployed within SR Webatex’s production facilities is oriented exclusively on the properties to be exhibited by the finished fabric. This means we can offer customers the option of actively co-designing the fabric on-site at SR Webatex. This, in turn, enables us to offer a continuous stream of highest-quality products that fully support the customer’s requirements at all times.