Manufacturing expertise – Ultra-modern weaving technology for demanding products

During manufacturing, a number of process steps lead us to the finished fabric, which not only meets customer requirements but must first comply with our own. Our production units use air-jet and rapier looms manufactured by Sulzer, Picanol and Dornier.

Rapier looms enable weaving with different colours and yarn types at the same time – therefore resulting in higher throughput than with conventional machine looms. Before entering the shed, the left rapier (carrier rapier) collects the filling yarn presented by the filling selector needle with its open yarn clamp. After closing the clamp, the filling is cut off at the fabric side and transferred in the centre of the machine to the right-hand rapier (taker rapier). After the yarn transfer, the taker rapier transports the filling to the right-hand fabric edge. The advantages of rapier looms are their low energy requirements and a significant reduction in the quantities of waste.

Air-jet looms can also work with a variety of colours and yarn types simultaneously, but have higher energy requirements than rapier looms. The weft thread is introduced and driven into the fabric using compressed air. A pneumatically-operated filling yarn clamp, positioned at the primary nozzle outlet, accelerates the process. Minimal friction on the filling thread in the weaving process ensures that the thread breakage quota is reduced, saving on material.

Key elements of our fabric production process:

  • Direct warping
  • Sectional warping
  • Sizing
  • Nominal width: maximum 3.80 m
  • Warping and cleaning machines
  • Goods inspection

Depending on customer requirements, deliveries are offered in a number of formats:

  • Large fabric batch
  • Folded
  • Palletised
  • … and many more