SR Webatex solutions – Flexible and high-performance

A fabric is only as good as its ability to meet the requirements of its intended application. For us, this is the key criterion in the weaving process. And one for which we offer matching solutions. Our unprocessed fabrics are exclusively “Made in Germany” at our main production facility in Bayreuth.

As a fabric producer, SR Webatex is the final link in the process chain from yarn manufacturers and the textile chemicals industry to product manufacturers at home and abroad. Our customers benefit from maximum flexibility in the production process:

  • Yarn pre-treatment in our internal pre-production unit
  • Warehousing of end products and processed woven material, as required
  • Optimisation of customer capacities in the production process
  • Production of low-volume batches for inspection purposes before the production of large-volume orders
  • Small production runs for test samples
  • A modular approach to fabric modification
  • Just-in-time delivery service

Good reasons for sound solutions

Proven competence meets an innovative spirit

Technical competencies

Research & Development
In-house laboratory

Woven textiles capable of meeting high-tech requirements are the result of continuous research and development. In our in-house lab, with highly-qualified textile engineers and textile technicians, SR Webatex pursues its goal of technical excellence.

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Manufacturing expertise

Ultra-modern weaving technology
Air-jet and rapier looms

Clearly-defined processes in production are the key to creating a finished product that meets customer expectations. Ultra-modern air-jet and rapier looms are of central importance here, and process yarns into woven textiles offering a range of product features.

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Basalt fibres

Natural power
From rock to fabric

Weaving textiles from stone. After being liquefied at extremely high temperatures in a kiln, basalt is then prepared for use as a textile fibre. Basalt fibres are an innovative material for the textile industry. Sourced 100% from natural raw materials.

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