SR-Noiseprotect® – Fabric for optimal acoustics

The textile solution versus noise pollution

SR-Noiseprotect® is SR Webatex’s solution for optimised room acoustics. The fabric properties of the machine-woven staple and filament fibres absorb the majority of airborne sound waves, significantly reducing the reverberation time of the noise. Apart from optimising acoustics, SR-Noiseprotect® can also be used as a light-proofing fabric for domestic and public building use. The material qualities offered by SR-Noiseprotect® mean that it is a high-performance textile solution for indoor and outdoor use.

Improved comfort for guests and visitors

The user benefits from a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, especially in enclosed interiors. The volume level of loud noise sources is noticeably reduced. The density of the fabric and its surface properties result in a high level of light diffusion from incident light, preventing unpleasant glare affecting visitors and guests.

As a flexible solution in building architecture, it significantly reduces construction costs. SR-Noiseprotect® achieves the same level of sound- and light-proofing as the slow and expensive method of permanently installing building materials. Another advantage lies in the fulfilment of building safety regulations: the use of standardised Artex® fabric is an integral part of the manufacturing process, and is designed to ensure that the user is provided with a product that meets the most stringent fire safety requirements, especially in enclosed interiors.

Standards compliance

EN 4102

Fire rating 1

SR-Noiseprotect® solutions are manufactured exclusively from flame-retardant and standardised Artex® fabric.