SR-Multisafe® – Textile protection for a wide range of applications

The universal textile all-rounder

SR-Multisafe® is the versatile and flexible safety fabric from SR Webatex for a huge range of application scenarios. Consisting of cotton and either polyester or polyamide, it can be configured to meet the needs of a wide range of applications.

Thanks to the range of properties the fabric offers depending on its composition, its moisture-, dirt-, and oil-repellent fluorocarbon treatment makes it suitable for various working environments: road construction, forestry, metalworking or mechanical and plant engineering are just some of the many examples.

Fabric with functional properties

SR-Multisafe® offers an impressively long-lived performance profile, maximum resistance against moisture, dirt and oil, and effective protection against UV radiation. Depending on colour, the fabric can also be used for high-vis products. The cotton/polyester fabric is available in the standard colour of luminescent orange; other colours can also be offered. The cotton/polyamide fabric is generally available in the customer’s specified colour. In the polyester variant, the fabric is available with a weight of around 215 g/m2, while the polyamide variant offers 180–320 g/m2.

The range of specific requirements required from cotton-polyester or cotton-polyamide fabrics is satisfied at all times. This is confirmed by a series of standards.

Cotton/polyester standards compliance

EN 20471

High-visibility warning clothing

UV 801

Protection against solar radiation

Hydrophilic treatment

Wicking away moisture from the body to keep the wearer dry and comfortable

Cotton/polyamide standards compliance

EN 14116 Index 3

Material against unintended, low contact heat and small flames

EN 11611

Protective clothing for welding and similar processes

Fluorocarbon treatment

Moisture-, dirt- and oil-repellent treatment