SR-Flameprotect® – fabric for extreme conditions

Innovative and breathable

SR-Flameprotect® is SR Webatex’s solution for flame-retardant protective clothing and maximum wearer comfort in a single piece of apparel. Properties featured in modern functional clothing ensure the wicking away of moisture from the body to create wearer comfort without any compromises. Maximum protection for the wearers of SR-Flameprotect® has been confirmed by a series of certifications to various EN standards as well as FIA 8856-200.

Does the piece of clothing need to combine reliable protection with an individual touch? No problem for SR Webatex. SR-Flameprotect® fabric has no dyeing restrictions as a flame-retardant textile and can be ordered in your specific colour.

Wide range of applications

Users benefit from the many possible applications for utilising SR-Flameprotect®. As a filler for protective clothing, it can be combined with a wide range of textile layers. The modular design of SR-Flameprotect® as a fabric for fireproof clothing targets the needs of a wide range of industry sectors and a broad spectrum of diverse specifications for items of apparel that have to function properly even under the most extreme conditions.

Whether as a top layer or base layer, SR-Flameprotect® offers certified protection against

  • Flying sparks
  • Electric arcing
  • Liquid metal splashes
  • Static electricity charges

Specialised fabrics from natural raw materials

The benefits of SR-Flameprotect® extend well beyond its outstanding flame-retardant protection. Natural raw materials are used right from the start of production. SR-Flameprotect® relies on the power of the natural world for fabric solutions that perform even at extreme temperatures. Viscose is the base material for the flame-retardant fabric. Depending on the application, it is then combined with various additional elements, including antistatic components. Once finished, the fabric is not only characterised by its optimum hypoallergenic properties but also by its environmentally-aware production from renewable resources.

Compliance with the following standards can be offered, depending on fabric construction and weight class:

EN 14116 Index 3

Material against unintended, low contact heat and small flames

EN 11612

Protection against heat and flames

EN 1149

Protection against electrical properties

EN 11611

Protective clothing for welding and similar processes

EN 13034

Protection against chemicals

FIA 8856-200

Protective clothing for motorsports

EN 61482

Protection against electric arcing