Materials that meet the need

Uncompromising quality

During processing, materials used for GUARDIANTEX® are carefully calibrated to the individual requirements of the final product. Each material performs a specific task. The primary goal for GUARDIANTEX®: maximum protection and user comfort due to needs-based material selection. A quick overview of GUARDIANTEX® and the materials that we use.

Polyamide 6.6 Cordura ®

for backpacks, external coverings and camouflage print/plain colours with/without infrared remission

Polyester EN 20 471 high visibility fabric

for paramedics/medical personnel, airport ground staff and military police

Bioactive polyester

for protective covers in ballistics

Polyamid 6.6

for parachutes


for German Navy neckerchiefs


EN 13567 puncture-resistant fabric for bullet-proof vests

Polyester / Carbon as well as Polyamid / Carbon

EN 1149 antistatic fabric for clothing, coverings and backpacks

Made in

Proven quality


Since our unprocessed fabrics are produced exclusively in Germany and treatment is carried out only in Europe, this is a continuous guarantee of quality for GUARDIANTEX®. Quality “Made in Germany”: for us, this means close collaboration with our treatment and impregnation partners, to implement customer concepts with high-quality solutions.

We use audits to ensure quality is maintained at a uniformly high level. Audits are both internal and external. The Guardiantex® testing laboratory is integrated into our production facilities at Bayreuth, and conducts a wide range of interim and final inspections on our products according to specific requirements. We also work very closely with leading testing institutions in the EU.