GUARDIANTEX® – An SR Webatex brand

Textile mission support

GUARDIANTEX®, an SR Webatex GmbH brand, is a provider of high-tech special-purpose fabrics for personal protective equipment and the protection of many kinds of objects.

State and civilian security services, the armed forces and police mission teams all use fabrics made from GUARDIANTEX® to ensure their precise requirements are met for textile security and safety. To ensure we can meet these very high requirements at all times, SR Webatex works closely with leading national and international partners.

Our EN ISO-certified production and our close cooperation with end users guarantee the high quality and functionality of our products. Continuous R&D work and regular collaboration with recognised testing laboratories ensures we can optimise our products for the benefit of our customers.

A strong partner for any kind of protection

Security services, police and armed forces rely on GUARDIANTEX®

Guardiantex SR Webatex
Security services
Functional clothing for day-to-day work

Constructed from elastic polymers, our fabrics have very high wear resistance. This ruggedness makes GUARDIANTEX® a reliable woven textile for the security services, whose direct physical contact with people is part of day-to-day work at major events like concerts and demonstrations.

Guardiantex SR Webatex
Police task forces
Protection when the going gets tough

First-class personal  protection is the highest priority for police work. Manufactured from several fabric mixes, GUARDIANTEX® offers exactly this kind of security. Puncture-resistant fabric for use in bullet-proof vests gives police and civil defence forces effective protection during missions in extreme conditions.

Guardiantex SR Webatex
Virtually invisible to technology and the human eye

With various camouflage prints plus NBC and wet weather protection, GUARDIANTEX® offers the perfect external kit for handling many types of mission. Infrared remission tech incorporated into this functional fabric makes the wearer harder to detect – or even invisible – for night-vision equipment.

A match for any requirement

Materials and camouflage prints for equipment excellence


Materialien Guardiantex SR Webatex
Materials that meet the need
Getting the mix just right

Polyamide 6.6 Cordura®, polyester, viscose, cotton and carbon – these materials adapt perfectly to external conditions. Either individually or in a range of combinations. Enabling apparel, military accessories and coverings to offer effective protection while ensuring maximum wearer and user comfort.

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Fabrics for the armed forces

Militaerische Gewebe Guardiantex Webatex
Visual adaptation on outdoor missions
Various camouflage/plain colours

Maximising camouflage cover is a key requirement for missions in the field. Companies that move undetected have the element of surprise on their side. GUARDIANTEX® offers camouflage prints for personal and general equipment. Fabrics for anywhere from woods to wastelands, plus a range of plain colours.

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Ausruestung Guardiantex SR Webatex
Custom fabric treatments
Maximising excellence in any mission

A range of material combinations can give the fabric specific properties. From general requirements such as flame-retardant or moisture-repellent properties to application-specific features such as protection against infrared and vectors – GUARDIANTEX® offers the perfect piece of equipment.

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