Weatherproof fabrics – Functional fabrics for outdoor use

Weatherproof fabrics need to stay highly functional during adverse weather conditions ranging from mild to severe. In practical applications for the user, weatherproof fabric offers a number of obvious advantages: low maintenance requirements cannot be ignored, for example, if users want to concentrate on more important matters than careful handling of the textile itself. Weatherproof fabric needs to prove its resistance to wind and water, and also show the same resilience to permanent solar radiation and high temperatures.

Weatherproof properties are especially important for textile solutions that will be deployed outdoors. As coverings for garden furniture, sun blind materials or pavilions, these textiles have to meet much higher standards than fabric solutions used only inside. Despite all of the above, durability is also an important criterion when users are choosing products. The usability of a product should not suffer merely due to external factors. Treating the fabric – with application-specific coatings, for example – ensures that products continue to perform over the long term.