Vector protection – Effective against the tiniest of invaders

Vector protection integrated into clothing offers protection from tiny organisms responsible for spreading disease. Organisms classified as “vectors” include bloodsucking insects such as ticks and mosquitoes. In tropical and subtropical climates in particular, textile-based vector protection is an important factor for protecting human health.

In terms of tear strength or dirt- or moisture-repellent properties, textiles with vector protection are no different to other fabrics. Clothing is impregnated with a substance designed to ward off vectors. The fabric can be given this vector protection during the treatment stage of the manufacturing process. Here, it is important to ensure that this does not shorten the material’s working life. In addition, the vector protection substance must pose no health risks to the wearer of the clothing. These two features, which are shared with non-impregnated textiles, must also be features of treated clothing as well.