UV protection – Helping skin stay healthy

Ultraviolet radiation is radiation that is invisible to the human eye, i.e. the radiation wavelength is shorter than the wavelength detectable by human vision. Ultraviolet radiation occurs naturally as a component part of the short-wave radiation in sunlight. This kind of radiation can also be produced artificially, however, by equipment such as UV lamps, UV lasers or UV LEDs. Above-average exposure to UV radiation carries a number of health risks, especially in terms of risks to skin.

This risk can be avoided, however. Here UV protection needs to consider every strategy capable of weakening or entirely preventing direct irradiation by ultraviolet radiation. This also applies to the processing of textiles.

In comparison to conventional clothing, UV protective fabrics provide significantly better protection. UV protection performance in these items of clothing manufactured specifically for this protection offers UV protection factors ranging from 40 to 80.