Soft-touch fabric – Soft-touch textiles for the pleasant things in life

Sensory features are usually the reason for creating a soft-touch finish for textiles. Fabric that feels soft to the touch offers a pleasantly aesthetic, sensuous experience and is typically used in textiles that are associated with the finer things in life.

A smooth surface is a typical feature of soft-touch fabrics and textiles. Even if the fabric is appropriately finely-woven and delicate, it can still be reasonably durable, although any fabric of this type is not generally associated with textile properties such as ruggedness, wear resistance or flame retardation. Applications in the industrial field, where the fabric will be exposed to grease or soiling, are therefore less likely. More typical scenarios are household textiles and clothing, and other types of fabric that may require very careful handling in order to retain the soft-touch feeling over the long term.