Resistance to electromagnetic radiation

The textile answer to invisible radiation

In a wide range of task areas, electromagnetic radiation is an external factor that lies completely outside human control. Radio waves from mobile networks are a familiar and frequently-occurring form of electromagnetic radiation.

While this radiation cannot simply be “switched off”, resistance to electromagnetic radiation is technically possible. With an appropriate treatment for textiles, for example, workwear can be given an extremely high level of shielding attenuation for radio frequencies encountered. This level of shielding attenuation works to improve resistance to electromagnetic radiation and protects personnel during activities in which they are exposed to high levels of radiation. The degree of protection offered depends on the design of the fabric and any coating that may have been applied to it.

An effective shielding against electromagnetic radiation is a subject of some significance not least because the radiation – unlike sunlight, for example – is not immediately perceived as causing direct physical damage to the body. Note that personnel are themselves responsible for assessing the period of time to which they can be exposed to electromagnetic radiation without this posing a health risk.