Moisture-repellent fabric

Giving moisture the cold shoulder

With appropriate coatings, treatments and finishes, fabrics can be given moisture-repellent properties that they would not otherwise have in their original state. The degree of effectiveness of the hydrophobic properties varies according to the processing technique chosen. Liquids are either permitted to penetrate only very slowly into the fabric structure or they are repelled entirely.

Moisture-repellent fabric is a good choice for use in manufacturing woven textiles for several reasons. A short fabric drying time is a key characteristic of moisture-repellent textiles. In day-to-day use, this makes the material easy to care for – since the textile takes only a short time to dry, it can be used again quickly.

Articles of workwear, apparel for the armed forces and for outdoor pursuits offer plenty of potential for the use of moisture-repellent fabrics. These applications expose the product to weathering over a prolonged period.