Infrared protection – Cleverly hidden from the heat-seeking eye

Optics is not the only discipline that determines whether or not humans and objects are visible. Infrared radiation emitted by a warm object – such as a body – offers a thermal image that can be used for detection purposes.

In the field of military protective equipment, infrared radiation is a reliable method both for discovering and for giving away the position and strength of a company. Even at night, troops can be precisely located. Specialised fabrics can offer integrated infrared protection that prevents this effect, making soldiers almost invisible – even to the “heat-seeking eye”.

Textiles also benefit from this effect even more when they are used to clothe the body’s torso, which contains the organs that radiate heat. Both outerwear and underwear for the upper body and backpacks can be equipped with infrared remission, as can trousers and a range of head coverings.