Impact-resistant fabrics – Rugged and robust for advanced personal protection

During the fabric manufacturing process, high-strength yarns are given an optimised warp and weft density, so that the weaving process produces a fabric that is not only extremely strong but also features superb tear strength. This makes impact-resistant fabrics very hard-wearing and capable of resisting even extreme material stresses.

The resilience of the textile even to unexpected shocks is a key quality attribute exhibited by impact-resistant fabric. Impact-resistant fabric that is worked into clothing offers improved protection for its wearer.

During physical work, reliable protection is offered for the extremities. Motorcycle clothing is another area of application where there is a need for robust apparel that features impact-resistant fabrics. The full impact of a fall can be absorbed, which reduces the risk of injury. Textiles featuring high-quality workmanship are not easily damaged even after falls or suffering other blunt impacts, and can therefore continue to be used even after experiencing extreme mechanical stresses.