Visibility – High-visibility fabrics

To ensure personnel can stay safe and be seen, fabric solutions need to be developed that offer high-visibility characteristics. Luminous colours are an effective means to achieving this goal. High visibility can be achieved if the colours on an individual or important object contrast sharply with those in the environment. If work processes are highly dynamic or involve a continuously changing field of view, there is a greater risk of overlooking people or objects needing protection.

Good visibility is not only important in daylight, either, but also in the hours of darkness. Accordingly, reflective fibres also need to be woven into the fabric. When beams of light from vehicles illuminate people wearing hi-vis apparel, the light beam is reflected from the safety clothing. This significantly increases the person’s visibility.

Typical areas of work where there is a need for clothing offering high visibility include the sorts of activities in which people in moving vehicles or objects with which people interact are in close proximity to one another. Scenarios can also involve poor or uncertain lighting conditions – such as road traffic, airports, rail transport or forestry work.