Hard-wearing fabrics – Rugged and durable

For fabrics that are exposed to severe mechanical stresses, the likelihood that they will exhibit wear and tear is greater than those textiles either generally used in a static setting or which are not frequently subjected to dynamic physical movement. Hard-wearing fabrics increase the durability of materials whose robustness is required to meet excessively demanding requirements.

Material wear and tear can occur in a number of ways, the first being sudden and excessively severe material stresses – even if these are rare events. Wear and tear also results from constant attrition that is not immediately visible. Hard-wearing fabrics can significantly delay or even suppress this process, depending on the stresses experienced by the material. Here, a close weave of highly tear-resistant materials is a decisive factor.

Wearers of the fabrics can also benefit from improvements made to material durability. The danger of physical injury from excessive mechanical forces can be significantly reduced if textiles are worn that are especially hard-wearing.