Flame-retardant fabric

Delaying the flammability of fabrics

Flame-retardant fabrics make an important contribution to textiles required to meet especially stringent safety requirements. Textiles that are used in the event industry, for example, must satisfy especially strict criteria in terms of fire safety. In events involving the congregation of large gatherings of people, requirements made in terms of fire safety regulations may also involve the safety of people present.

Daily working conditions in a range of industrial sectors also involve taking precautions in terms of occupational safety – in manufacturing, for example. In the petroleum industry, the electrical industry and working environments involving chemicals, a wide range of processes is involved in which a sudden rise in temperature – due to flying sparks, for example – can promote the development of flames or actual fires. Personnel who were working in the immediate vicinity of these potential fires must be protected accordingly. The use of flame-retardant fabrics in workwear issued to these groups of people is therefore a mandatory requirement. In an emergency, this will give personnel adequate time to move out of the immediate danger area, if they have already come into direct contact with flames or fire.