Dirt-repellent fabric

Easy to clean – always clean

The huge advantage of dirt-repellent textiles is that they are quick and easy to clean. Liquids and solids that settle on the dirt-repellent fabric can be removed completely simply by wiping them away, for example. Especially for applications where coloured or aggressive soiling is possible (red wine stains, for example), textiles can be used on a long-term basis, and do not need to be washed immediately if they acquire visible stains or – worse still – replaced entirely.

Dirt-repellent fabrics acquire the property that gives them their name by impregnation, which forms a protective coating over the fabric. Typical impregnation processes for dirt-repellent fabrics are based on fluorocarbons or Teflon. Thanks to their chemical effects, the fabrics acquire repellent properties against moisture, oil and grease.