Cut-resistant fabrics – Custom yarn formulations to combat sharp edges

A number of industries and task areas require personnel to be kitted out with cut-resistant fabrics. Cut-resistant fabric acquires its protective qualities from the use of various yarns in textile manufacturing. Here, yarns offering a range of tear strengths and elasticities prevent sharp-edged objects from severing the fabric.

Typical areas in which cut-resistant fabric is used include occupational safety and personal security. In such applications, the fabric can offer either partial or total protection for the body. Security services, where fabric needs to be used for body armour, obviously have different needs than the glassmaking industry, for example, where hands and arms need special protection and fabrics are also often deployed as aprons.

In another industry, haulage, the danger of personal injury is much less likely than freight being lost or damaged. Here, tarpaulins and coverings made from cut-resistant fabric can prevent cargoes being stolen. Nor do such fabrics merely protect against pilferers: they also make it much harder to manipulate goods by adding illicit hazardous materials or smuggled goods. In logistics, cut-resistant fabrics therefore indirectly contribute to legal compliance, and offer an efficient preventive measure for hauliers not wishing to become embroiled (even unwittingly) in criminal activities.