Chemical-repellent fabric

Protection against chemicals in six type classes

In the chemicals processing industry, a wide range of safety mechanisms and facilities are necessary in order to ensure a proper and correct working environment. Chemical-repellent fabrics are one element that can contribute to optimising occupational safety.

Chemical protection clothing is available in six separate type classes: gas-tight, not gas-tight, liquid-tight, spray-tight, tight vs. solid particles and tight vs. minor splashes. As a general rule, it can be said that type 6 clothing cannot protect against all chemicals. Ideally, chemical-repellent fabrics will be modified to suit the exact working conditions in a particular use case. While this cannot offer protection against all chemicals, this is virtually impossible anyway, given the huge variety of chemical properties.

Instead, the task of chemical-repellent fabrics should be to concentrate on providing highly-effective protection versus just a few specific chemicals. Effectiveness can be reliably tested against standards such as EN 13034.