Antibacterial fabrics

Maximum hygiene with technical textiles

In many areas of day-to-day life, hygiene has a very important role to play – when preparing food, for example, in healthcare and nursing or in the garment industry.

The manufacturing of high-quality textiles made from antibacterial fabrics can make a contribution to preventive healthcare in this context. Bacteria can be effectively prevented from propagating if they cannot find a favourable culture medium in the first place.

With specialised weaving techniques and treatment stages, antibacterial fabrics can be manufactured that ensure a sterile environment in terms of healthcare aspects for high-risk areas. In addition, antibacterial fabrics can also be manufactured into clothing that is worn by athletes and for other physical activities. Protective clothing for the production of food or in hospitals are other application scenarios where maintaining a sterile environment is important. In such industries, these kinds of requirements are not only important for clothing, but also apply to packaging or filter materials.