Taking flame-retardant viscose to the next level

Tailor-made production

The challenge when developing fabrics on the basis of flammable viscose yarn consists of satisfying the requirements that are stipulated for personal protective equipment. One important aspect here is changes in size and shape after washing the final product. By a process of iterative adjustment to these requirements in production, this challenge was successfully mastered. Advanced developments made as part of optimising the viscose fabric involved yarn manufacturing, the weaving shop and new equipment brought into the manufacturing process. A decisive contribution to the advanced development of the viscose-based fabric was made by our partnership with yarn manufacturer Glanzstoff Industries.

The viscose fabric developed in this partnership is characterised by the following features:

  • Excellent wearer comfort
  • Cooling and absorbent properties
  • Optimised pearling profile versus liquid metals
    (advanced development versus fabrics based on aramid fibres)

The newly-developed viscose fabric is manufactured from yarns themselves produced exclusively from naturally-sourced cellulose. The addition of special auxiliary materials gives the fabric its flame-retardant properties. Since these materials are woven directly into the fabric, the flame-retardant effect is permanent and cannot be reduced by machine washing.

This project, which is handled by the “Flame Protection” unit, was launched in 2012. Although the project is still ongoing, the viscose yarn fabric has already received positive feedback from customers following wearer testing.


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