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Optimal sound suppression

Working closely with the customer as a partner on product development is a key feature of the approach taken by SR Webatex. By talking directly to the customer, we discover the requirements the material has to meet and which have to be fulfilled by the project.

Together with our customer Koch Membranen, SR Webatex developed a fabric for large-scale indoor use. One basic requirement here was the use of flame-retardant textiles, so as to satisfy normal fire safety standards.

Another criterion imposed by the customer was that the fabric needed above-average properties for sound absorption, since the finished product would be installed as an acoustic fabric in spas and swimming baths with the aim of improving the general ambience.

For product development, SR Webatex decided to use a flame-retardant, high-strength polyester yarn.

As a good acoustic fabric, it can offer several benefits:

  • Polyester-based fabric with good recycling options
  • The yarn’s special weave promotes absorption characteristics for sound waves
  • Surface properties of the finished product reduce the acoustic reverberation time
  • Elimination of complex structural sound insulation work

SR Webatex has been producing the acoustic fabric from polyester yarn for Koch Membranen since 2002. With over 15,000 m processed, the qualities of the sound insulation fabric speak for themselves, and it has now been successfully installed by Koch Membranen in swimming baths, conference rooms and restaurants. The fabric has even been installed above the stage of the open-air theatre in Avignon.


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