Good food should only contain good things

Separation of edible and inedible substances in the food industry

Unadulterated and genuine quality. After proper filtration, industrial manufacturers of a range of products can say this with their hands on their hearts. In this context, filtration in industrial-scale food production has a particularly important role to play. SR Webatex can offer filtration solutions that fully satisfy the stringent requirements profiles in high-volume food production.

For manufacturers of filter media, SR Webatex produces fabrics made from 100% polypropylene yarns that reliably separate solids and liquid substances during the production process.

The requirements profiles for fabric solutions set out a range of criteria that need to be complied with, including:

  • Thermal stability
  • Air permeability
  • Stability after fusing

The EU Food Safety Directive also defines a number of regulations. Filtration fabrics supplied by SR Webatex comply with all of the above, making us a reliable and trusted partner for the food industry.


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