SR Webatex – Tradition meets innovation

Woven textiles with a wide variety of fabric properties – that’s SR Webatex The company in its current form is a merger of the earlier cotton weaving mill Mechanische Baumwollspinnerei und -weberei Bayreuth AG and the silk weaving mill Seidenweberei Reutlingen GmbH. Historical tradition meets modern innovation. Creating high-performance fabric solutions that are a sound choice for their applications.
Together with our international customers, we develop and manufacture sophisticated textile solutions. SR Webatex forms an integral part of the fabric value chain. Our strong partners come from yarn manufacturing, the textile chemicals industry, and outfitters of high-quality end products.

approx. EUR 22 million (2016)


Production capacity:
approx. 10 million linear metres/year

Technical equipment:
128 machine looms

Core competencies:
Filament and staple fibre

Nominal widths:
180 – 380 cm


Foundation of Maschinen Baumwoll-Spinnerei & Weberei Bayreuth AG. From that Webatex was founded


Foundation of Seidenweberei Reutlingen GmbH


Consolidation as SR Webatex GmbH: Development and production of textile surfaces for global demanding customers.


Acquisition by Getzner Textil AG

Arguments for SR Webatex

We know all about woven textiles. As a premium provider, we develop textile solutions that are a perfect match for our customers’ ideas. And all exclusively at our manufacturing site in Germany. Our production unit systematically follows clearly defined standards. This doesn’t just benefit your product – but also the environment. And we always make sure that our goods shipments arrive on time.


From customer concept  to certified product


Quality “Made in Germany”  according to EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001


Close collaboration with downstream producers

Delivery & Service

Global just-in-time delivery

Welcome to our company

Here, we offer you a brief overview of SR Webatex: from the company and the services we offer to our product lines and our house brands.

Our mission for your added value

1 Customer orientation

  • Solutions to problems
  • Accessibility
  • Versatility

2 Reliability

  • Punctuality
  • Just-in-time deliveries
  • Upholding promises

3 Partnerships

  • Sensitivity and sincerity
  • Single point of contact
  • Industry expertise

4 Quality

  • First-class materials
  • Made in Germany
  • Skilled workforce

5 Innovation

  • Close collaboration with research institutions
  • Modern air-jet and rapier looms
  • In-house product development unit

6 Sustainability

  • Sustainable solutions
  • Energy management
  • Long-term employee retention

The many different faces of our company

SR Webatex GmbH is a premium provider of sophisticated woven textiles. Our approach is to provide quality and service with the technical expertise of skilled employees.

We manufacture fabrics in the desired specifications and quantities tailored to the precise requirements of our customers. Our customers are global players in their markets.

We follow clear principles in all our manufacturing work:

  • Ensuring value for money for customers with our international procurement management
  • Production certified to EN ISO, and incorporating technical data sheets and product manuals
  • A synergy of speed, flexibility and the power to innovate
  • Cooperation with leading textile research institutions

We manufacture textile solutions for a wide range of applications. Our machine looms weave textiles from filament and staple fibre yarns to a nominal width of 3.8 m.

An extensive range of services from our experienced business partners is available to our customers, offering real added value.

Our primary goal is producing solution-oriented fabrics for our customers. To do so, SR Webatex handles a wide range of fabrics with a broad spectrum of properties. We also follow strict guidelines to ensure the success of our day-to-day business.

  • Responsible-minded business as the foundation of all of our actions as a company
  • Fairness and transparency towards our customers, partners and employees
  • Continuous improvement to our know-how
  • Quality Management to EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Environmental Management to EN ISO 14001:2004
  • Products with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification

We want to honour the responsibilities we have towards future generations. Sustainability is a key issue for our company. The proper conservation of resources is therefore a continuous process that has our constant attention. To provide long-term support for this process, we have introduced an Energy Management system in accordance with the EN ISO 50001 standard. SR Webatex is also certified to the Quality Management standard EN ISO 9001 and the Environmental Management standard EN ISO 14001. We apply these guidelines to pursue specific goals:

  • Systematic implementation in the selection of materials and supplies
  • Efficient use of materials and industry-standard waste material recycling
  • Active involvement of our highly trained employees throughout all our processes
  • Prevention of adverse effects on our natural environment due to our business operations
  • Full compliance with legislation on environmental protection – as a minimum requirement
  • Laboratory-tested product quality

Energy Management

All employees at SR Webatex are closely involved in the planning and implementation of our strategies for optimising energy consumption. The legal obligations and other duties arising from this standard are continuously monitored and complied with. The effectiveness and results of the Energy Management system are regularly audited, updated, evaluated and certified at regular intervals by TÜV SÜD.

Environmental Protection

Supplementing our clearly defined energy policy, protection of the environment is another goal that SR Webatex is targeting with its sustainable business. Together with our employees, we are obliged to ensure that environmental protection optimally influences every stage of our day-to-day business. Profitable business activities in harmony with environmental protection form a core tenet of our entrepreneurial philosophy. This includes the following aspects:

  • Minimising the consumption of energy and water
  • Reducing emissions in air and water
  • Optimal utilisation of materials and commodities
  • Continuous avoidance of environmental impact by deploying all of the economic tools at our disposal
  • Identification of options for higher-quality recycling

Technical expertise, dedication and an abiding passion for innovative solutions lies at the heart of our production. All of this is made possible by our employees and their commitment to these values. Applying their cutting-edge know-how to master even the most demanding challenges, they create a production unit oriented 100% on the needs of the customer.

Thanks to our 125 employees, we are able to manufacture a production capacity of 10 million linear metres of finished material every year. Our certification to the EN ISO 9001 Quality Management standard ensures that the quality of our output remains consistently high from one year to the next. All of our products are manufactured exclusively at our Bayreuth site – “Woven in Germany”.

Our production processes utilise only the very latest Sulzer-, Dornier- and Picanol-branded machinery. Direct warping, sectional warping and sizing in our in-house pre-production unit promote flexibility and drive the weaving process.