Systematic protection

Textiles with protective technology for the armed forces, police, etc. – for maximum safety when it really counts.

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Certified safety

Flame-retardant protective clothing with maximum wearer comfort – for safe work in hazardous environments.

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Viscose in textiles
Heat-resistant yarn

Viscose rayon made from natural raw materials forms the basis for the next generation of flame-resistant textiles.

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Weather protection – Textiles for any weather

Wind, UV radiation and moisture are the typical kinds of weather conditions to which we are exposed during outdoor activities. To protect against these influential external factors, SR Webatex not only develops fabric for workwear, but also textiles that are used in large-format sheets of fabric. For outdoor applications in particular, these solutions offer effective protection for human health, since solutions for event technology offer reliable protection even for very large gatherings of people. These fabrics make an effective contribution to protection from heat and cold, and therefore can be used all year round.

Weather protection application scenarios:

  • Roofing systems
  • Canopies
  • Event awnings

Compliance is possible with the following standards:

EN 4102.T1 B2


UV Standard 801

Protection against solar radiation