Systematic protection

Textiles with protective technology for the armed forces, police, etc. – for maximum safety when it really counts.

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Certified safety

Flame-retardant protective clothing with maximum wearer comfort – for safe work in hazardous environments.

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Viscose in textiles
Heat-resistant yarn

Viscose rayon made from natural raw materials forms the basis for the next generation of flame-resistant textiles.

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Medicine – Fabrics for hygiene and sterility

SR Webatex can work with its customers to develop and manufacture fabrics for deployment in medical applications. Textiles that are deployed in operating theatres are subject to precisely defined criteria in terms of hygiene and sterility, and are categorised as class 1 medical equipment if they satisfy the provisions of the EN 13795-1 standard. This standard aims to prevent the spread of infections between medical personnel and patients during operations and other surgical interventions.

Medical application scenarios

  • Bioactive drapes
  • Bed sheets
  • Bed covers
  • Operating theatre shirts
  • Operating theatre aprons