Systematic protection

Textiles with protective technology for the armed forces, police, etc. – for maximum safety when it really counts.

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Certified safety

Flame-retardant protective clothing with maximum wearer comfort – for safe work in hazardous environments.

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Viscose in textiles
Heat-resistant yarn

Viscose rayon made from natural raw materials forms the basis for the next generation of flame-resistant textiles.

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Fire protection – Maximum performance when the going gets hot

Individuals whose work exposes them to extreme temperatures need to be able to rely on safe work clothing. Flame-retardant textiles can significantly increase protection compared to conventional workwear. When fires start to spread out of control and temperatures rapidly rise, individuals who are located near to the source of the fire hazard gain precious time to move out of the danger zone.

SR Webatex designs and manufactures fabrics for protective clothing that can help save lives if the worst comes to the worst.

Fire safety fabric properties:

Fire protection application scenarios

  • Fabrics for protective workwear
  • Fire safety
  • Flame protection
  • Protection against liquid splashes
  • Flying sparks
  • Contact heat

Compliance with the following standards can be offered, depending on fabric construction and weight class:

EN 1149 1/2/3/5

Protection against electrical properties

EN 14116

Protection against contact heat and small flames

EN 11611

Protection during welding and similar procedures

EN 11612

Protection against heat and flames

ICE 61482-1-2

Protecting against electric arcing