Hitting the right note

An elegant solution for sound- and light-proofing – a harmonious balance of pleasant acoustics and visual appeal.

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Fibres from basalt
Tomorrow’s fibre today

When rocks turn to liquid, fibres are created – the liquefaction of basalt offers new opportunities.

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Room acoustics
Optimal sound and echo

Suppressing echoes in swimming baths and spacious buildings – a huge number of successful installations.

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Illumination – Setting the scene

Large-format textile sheeting not only has a protective function against radiation and weathering if sturdy enough, but can also be used to create an atmosphere or mood with the right illumination. Even smaller-scale swathes of fabrics, as primarily used indoors, can make a key contribution to improving the ambience and interior climate. SR Webatex manufactures fabrics that fully meet these requirements, enabling them to be processed into appropriate end products.

Due to the varying reflections of light from fabrics, the illumination of woven textiles creates optical effects that are determined by the geometry and surface properties of the particular fabric used. These can also be designed so that even transparent textile sheeting can offer an effective reflective surface for illumination effects.

Illumination application scenarios:

  • Lamps
  • Luminaire systems
  • Facade engineering