Hitting the right note

An elegant solution for sound- and light-proofing – a harmonious balance of pleasant acoustics and visual appeal.

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Fibres from basalt
Tomorrow’s fibre today

When rocks turn to liquid, fibres are created – the liquefaction of basalt offers new opportunities.

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Room acoustics
Optimal sound and echo

Suppressing echoes in swimming baths and spacious buildings – a huge number of successful installations.

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Home – High-performance home interiors

Feature-rich creature comforts: SR Webatex manufactures fabric solutions for home use, making itself into a “household name” for appealing interiors within one’s own four walls.

Household textiles for day-to-day use are subjected to a continuous but not immediately visible level of soiling that requires regular machine washing at 60 °C or more. At SR Webatex, we manufacture fabrics for tableware and bedding as well as other textiles with special yarn combinations and a finishing process that gives the fabric long-term durability while ensuring it can be processed by the manufacturer of the end product without comprising its technical performance.

Home application scenarios

  • Household textiles
  • Sunshades and light-proofing
  • Bedding
  • Bedspreads
  • Blackout fabrics
  • Table linen

Flame protection is ensured by the following standard:

EN 4109 T.1