Hitting the right note

An elegant solution for sound- and light-proofing – a harmonious balance of pleasant acoustics and visual appeal.

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Fibres from basalt
Tomorrow’s fibre today

When rocks turn to liquid, fibres are created – the liquefaction of basalt offers new opportunities.

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Room acoustics
Optimal sound and echo

Suppressing echoes in swimming baths and spacious buildings – a huge number of successful installations.

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Events – An integral part of premium trade show equipment

As an outfitter of textiles for event accessories, SR Webatex is a trusted manufacturer of fabrics for tarpaulins and awnings, and textiles for projection screens.

A special role is played by the material composition of the various awnings used in both indoor and outdoor areas at events and exhibitions. In the presence of throngs of people, fire safety regulations are an important criterion for the manufacturers of awnings and accessories for the end user. Often, it has to be assumed that people in an enclosed space will come into direct contact with the woven textiles. Accordingly, tear strength and resistance to dirt and moisture are other aspects required if processing is to be high quality and of maximum use to the customer.

If fabrics are used in the manufacturing of projection screens for imagery and video sequences, high visibility with maximum possible visual acuity is important. SR Webatex offers requirements-oriented fabric solutions for awning systems and projection textiles for a wide variety of events.

Event application scenarios

  • Event awnings
  • Projection screens

Compliance is possible with the following standards:

EN 4102 T.1 B2
UV Standard 801