Hitting the right note

An elegant solution for sound- and light-proofing – a harmonious balance of pleasant acoustics and visual appeal.

– – –

Fibres from basalt
Tomorrow’s fibre today

When rocks turn to liquid, fibres are created – the liquefaction of basalt offers new opportunities.

– – –

Room acoustics
Optimal sound and echo

Suppressing echoes in swimming baths and spacious buildings – a huge number of successful installations.

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Bookbindings – A blessing for any book

When books are pleasant to hold, their owners quite literally have a firm grasp of the text: SR Webatex is also a supplier of quality bookbindings that are used to protect a wide range of media.

The variety of bookbindings used is as broad as the markets for which books are produced in their various print runs, and reflects the many differences they require in terms of physical appearance and content. Within this market, SR Webatex concentrates on fabric production for the premium print media segment. One fabric has seen especially broad circulation here, as it is found in millions of German passports. Other applications needing shorter production runs but of far greater cultural significance include the German-language edition of a paperback complete series of Harry Potter, or collections of the work of the famous photographers Helmut Newton and Araki.

Bookbinding application scenarios

  • German passport
  • Special Harry Potter boxed set
  • Helmut Newton and Araki photography books
  • Biography of Marilyn Monroe
  • Jewellery catalogue for Tiffany
  • High-quality gift packaging