Hitting the right note

Noise and light protection solved elegantly – the optimal conditions for pleasant sound and visuals.

– – –

Fibres from basalt
Tomorrow’s fibre today

Where rocks melt new fabrics are born – The liquefaction of basalt opens up new possibilities.

– – –

Room acoustics
Optimal sound and echo

Attenuated reverberation in indoor swimming pools and prominent buildings – implemented multiple times and always successful.

– – –

Lifestyle – Fabric with a fashionable taste

Fabric solutions for lifestyle products have a broad product range at SR Webatex. Various clothing fabrics are also a part of the lifestyle range produced by SR Webatex as are solutions for large-size solutions for events, domestic textile furnishings, noise and light protection and a range of print media.

The force of innovation in research and development at SR Webatex – as a competent system provider – always allows for the production of needs-based fabric solutions for a range of lifestyles.