Protection for life and limb

The main thing is first-class protection – clothing and large-format textiles give users that extra level of safety.

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Fashion meets function

Fashion can be functional as well as stylish – many day-to-day articles have the power to amaze us with their  innovations.

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High-tech under the hood

Impressive fabrics for off-world environments – just what aerospace – and many other sectors – are searching for.

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Fabric solutions to satisfy clear-cut expectations

Woven textiles for a diversity of applications


With multifunctional fabrics, SR Webatex offers solutions for textiles with protective functionality for the armed forces, police, civil defence, medicine and sport. As workwear, fabrics certified to a host of standards make a key contribution to protecting their wearers from external mechanical factors, fire and extreme weather.

Lifestyle solutions from SR Webatex combine modern functionality and an aesthetic sense of style for fashion, event accessories and printed materials. Our promise as a manufacturer: rugged, durable products for a wide range of application scenarios.

Technical sophistication and a rugged composition are the key attributes of high-tech textiles. With textile engineering expertise and our in-house research and development unit, SR Webatex produces woven fabrics for aerospace, filtration and a wide range of coating applications.