One-stop textile solutions
Individual solutions

A textile can only be as good as its ability to satisfy its intended use. We know this – this is our firm belief. SR Webatex manufactures textile solutions which are customised lock, stock and barrel to individual applications.

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Competence for multiple areas of application
Properly thought out

Without exercising great care with each weft, we would not be able to manufacture convincing solutions for our customers. Different types of web machines smooth, warp and finish the textile to produce a high-quality product.

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Highest quality made in Germany
Flexible and efficient

Textiles are not just textiles as far as we are concerned. Instead, we look at them as a material of the future. Our production is based solely in Germany – from the raw fibre to the certified ready-made product for our customers.

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Textiles with high requirements

SR Webatex also manufactures high-quality and demanding textile surfaces. Working very closely with our customers and research institutes, we develop textile solutions for various industries. We round off the value-added chain for the textile – from the idea to the raw fibre to the certified end product.

Innovation in the development, flexibility in production and service in the delivery are a fixed element of our offer. For our customers operating all over the world, we weave textile surfaces made from filament and staple fibre yarns up to a nominal width of 3.80 m.

Our business segments

Protection when and where it’s needed

Providing protection to people has many aspects: protecting the body from heat and flames and violent assaults, Health care through the effective compliance of hygienic standards. SR Webatex offers solutions for all these aspects.

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Convincing not only at first glance

Functional textiles in furniture design and fashionable clothing should have the one effect at first glance: an exceptional look. SR Webatex also knows what a second glance requires. Brilliant functionality according to their specific needs.

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Technology from the first to the last fibre

Technical textile for areas of application in Engineering – a connection for convincing performances. SR Webatex develops and manufactures solutions made of filament and staple fibre yarns.
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Textiles with technical benefits

Functionality is the important criterion we put on our fabric solutions. To manufacture functionally effective products, we work closely with customers and partners. We analyse the product requirements and carry out a targeted implementation.

Our firm’s many years of expertise flows directly into SR Webatex’s own brands. Requirements are picked up and met down to the last detail with our technical textile knowhow.


Maximum wearer comfort meets effective flame protection – SR-Flameprotect® made of natural raw materials meets the requirements on retarded combustibility. This is backed up by a number of international standards.

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Continuous protection in rain and storms – SR-Weatherprotect® by SR Webatex in spite of the worst weather conditions and is the ideal thread solution for permanent use outdoors.

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Versatile and flexible, and always high-performing – SR-Multisafe® is the all-purpose fibre made by SR Webatex based on fluorocarbon for above-average requirements on safety and functionality.

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absorbe sound waves and are favourable to room acoustics over the long term – SR-Noiseprotect® tangibly reduces the reverberation time of sound as well as noise nuisance indoors and out.

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Teaser Guardiantex-2 SR Webatex


Resistent to mechanical influences and robust against weather effects – GUARDIANTEX® is the solution by SR Webatex for body protection clothing and a wide range of accessories from certified production. Military, police and civilian security services benefit in their day-to-day activities.

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Born and bred in Bayreuth
Highly-skilled workforce
Running metres per year

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Facts and figures

SR Webatex is a manufacture of high-quality textile surfaces for global customers. Take a closer look at our company, products and services for textile solutions.

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Flame-retardant fibres

In a number of industries, flame-retardant properties are an important criterion for workplace health and safety. We have developed powerful protective clothing with our SR Flameprotect solutions.

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