Systematic protection

Textiles with protective technology for the armed forces, police, etc. – for maximum safety when it really counts.

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Certified safety

Flame-retardant protective clothing with maximum wearer comfort – for safe work in hazardous environments.

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Viscose in textiles
Heat-resistant yarn

Viscose rayon made from natural raw materials forms the basis for the next generation of flame-resistant textiles.

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Sunshades – Excellent lighting despite direct solar radiation

SR Webatex manufactures fabrics that offer dual-purpose sunshade functionality – not only protecting individuals from the effects of direct sunlight and UV radiation but also improving interior ambience.

Effective systems for sun protection reduce the amount of direct sunlight that enters the room, and create a pleasantly cool indoor climate despite high outdoor temperatures. Sunshade fabrics also improve lighting conditions, permitting unrestricted use of TV screens and computer monitors, and preventing the adverse effects caused by light scattering that can disrupt viewing.

Sun protection application scenarios

  • Screens
  • Roller blinds
  • Internal sunshade systems
  • Heat reflection
  • Light reflection
  • Indoor climate
  • Vertical blinds
  • Pleated blinds

Compliance is possible with the following standards:

EN 4102.T1 B1/B2


UV Standard 801

Protection against solar radiation